March 22, 2013: Long Friday

It’s Friday.  Last day of work, but another long one.  I have another migration this evening of a cluster like I did last Friday night.  I am hoping that that doesn’t mean that I am in the office as late as I was last time.  That was a really late night.

It is a little bit cooler out today, jacket weather again.  Dominica’s back is still bothering her.  My left ankle is really bothering me.  The tendon is having all kinds of problems.

I ended up having another really long day. I worked for thirteen hours in the office today and was pretty busy all day long.  It was an exhausting day.  I had to work through lunch too.  I ran out at three thirty and grabbed Subway quickly to bring back to the office and eat quickly at my desk while doing the evening deployments.

I had been thinking that we would get out early tonight but it was after nine when I finally left.

I got home and we put on Community for a bit.  Luciana was already asleep in bed when I got home for a full hour.  Liesl stayed up with us until way too late.

I am scheduled to have to work a bit on Sunday.  But as we are going away next week, not such a big deal.

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