March 6, 2013: Migration Lull

Danielle and I went to Caffe Bene again this morning.  We are loving that place.  This is day three, in a row, that I have been there.  Definitely my new haunt.  We got Belgian waffles and coffee and had a meeting for about an hour before I went on to the office and she got some waffles to take back to the house.  Today I tried the ricotta, almonds and fig Belgian waffle.  Not as the goat cheese and peach, but still very good.

Much of my day was spent dealing with RIT logistics.  I am starting my class today.  I am taking a class on the technical information design.  This is my final semester of classes at RIT and I am very excited.  I can’t wait to be done with the whole thing.  I have been in college continuously for nineteen years.  That amount of time it would be nice to have at least one graduate degree to show for it.  I have to do two classes this semester, one yet to be determined, and then my capstone project over the summer and that will be that.

Normal work day.  After work I drove over to Brookhaven and met everyone there for dinner.  We are really make use of our membership this month!

Art and Dominica kind of had the day off today.  They’ve worked the last two days and starting tomorrow will be working solidly through Monday and we hope that they will be done at that point so today is the one day to relax before the super busy schedule hits.

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