March 5, 2013: Belgian Waffles in Texas

Danielle was heading into Dominica’s office this morning to meet with some people so we drove out at the same time, leaving early, so that we could stop at Caffe Bene and get coffee and test out their Belgian waffles before continuing on to Dominica’s office.  Dominica and Art are hanging back this morning for a while instead of going in bright and early.  They are going to be on a weird schedule all week.

The Belgian waffle at Caffe Bene was amazing.  It was a real Belgian waffle, not that thing that Americans call a Belgian waffle.  It wasn’t as good as what we had in Belgium but it was really good.  I got one with goat cheese and peach compote.  So delicious.

We went into the office and I tracked down a network issue that has been plaguing them for some time.  Danielle made a few introductions and let people know that she was around but everyone was busy so she left when I did and she returned to the house and I went off to the office as usual.

Dominica and Art went into the office in the afternoon and worked a full day, running very, very late.  So much of their work is only really able to be done after people have gone home for the day that this makes quite a bit of sense.

On my way home from work, the gang had me swing into Rockfish in Las Colinas and pick up dinner for everyone.  Then I delivered Art and Dominica’s food to their office where they were only halfway through working for the day.  I ate there with them and then brought Danielle’s food back to the house and helped to watch the kids all evening.

Dominica and Art worked really late putting in a very long day.  They are taking tomorrow off, I think, or at least are scaling back in preparation for the very long upcoming weekend.  This is going to be one exhausting week.

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