March 8, 2013: Migration Day

Today is the big MS Office migration for Dominica and Art.  They both slept in a bit this morning and I headed off to my office very early, leaving home around six in the morning having been awake since around five.  This is going to be a long day.  This morning is the non-farm payroll numbers so I had to be in early.

Everyone else slept in this morning as much as they could.  I came home after lunch and spent the afternoon working from home.  I had already been at work a full day before working from home.  That helped a lot for the evening allowing me to watch the girls and later on in the evening for Danielle to go into the office and assist on site.

Art and Dominica went into the office around three and got things started.  Danielle hung back to help with the kids for a while but not too long.

The office was pretty busy for me and I worked around nearly eight.  Ugh.  Not what I really wanted to do tonight but I was really glad that I was home this evening.

Overall tonight was a major success.  Dominica and Art were in her office until something like three in the morning.  It was exhausting.  Danielle was there with them too.  All three of them were running all over the place getting everything done.  It was quite tiring and a lot of physical exertion.  For my part I was logged in through LogMeIn with as many tabs open as LMI could handle and did migrations for them as quickly as I could scroll from screen to screen.  It was tons and tons of manual work but it went smoothly, we caught lots of problems and addressed them and managed to complete the entire migration itself tonight and there is just some final cleanup to do tomorrow.

It was a major night of work but super successful.  I should have tons more to write but realistically, there is very little to say.  This was a very long day for all of us.  I was working for twenty four hours straight by the end of it all and was quite tired.  After they all returned to the house we spent about an hour discussing tomorrow’s plans before turning in for the night.

Exhausting?  Yes.  But we were all very happy being able to go to bed knowing that there were no technical obstacles waiting for us tomorrow and that all we have to do is make sure that all of the machines are ready for Monday morning.  The end is well in sight and we know that we will be able to rest this weekend.  Well the will, not me so much.  When we started this there was the fear that all of them would be stuck working the entire weekend, possibly even overnights.

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