March 9, 2013: COB Test and Migration Wrap Up

No rest for me.  I had to be up after just three hours of sleep, got showered and drove into the office to work a full day from there for the weekend’s COB test that is going on.  Talk about bad timing.  Combining a very long day yesterday, plus the COB test today, plus I am on support all day tomorrow and I was helping Dominica with her migration, all in one 72 hour stretch.  This is going to be rough.

I was a little late getting into the office but not bad.  COB tests are normally pretty low key for me.  My systems always pass with little effort.

I got to do some serious troubleshooting today which was nice.  And COB tests always mean that there is food in the office.  We had bagels, donuts and fully curry for lunch.  It was a slow day, but I was tired.

After getting done at the office I drove straight up to Dominica’s office where she and Art had been working for quite some time taking care of the finishing touches on the migration and making sure that everything was ready for Monday morning in the hopes that there would be nothing needing to be done tomorrow at all.

Art gave me a tour as I still have not seen the bulk of the facility.  It was really cool.  They actually have an entire mock-up of a convention center floor in there with set-up displays, conference area, presentation space, etc.  You could put on an entire small conference in there.  I got to see the manufacturing areas, graphics design areas and warehouse space too.  Very cool stuff.  I had no idea.  That facility is huge.

We worked there for a couple of hours and then went back to the house, finally able to relax after a lot of work.  I have to be up early tomorrow too as I am covering the on call shift for the post COB test problems.  So that will be a long day.

This evening we relaxed and watched the 50th James Bond film Skyrim which Dominica and I have been waiting to see.  The Ralstons had bought it on DVD so we got to watch their copy.  It was pretty good.

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