April 16, 2013: Liesl’s Horrible Ear Infection

We didn’t quite make it to bed last night when we heard Liesl screaming from her bedroom.  I ran in there to find her sitting up in bed in a very odd way that lead me to believe that something was wrong with her ear.  She was so tired and in so much pain that she was delirious and could not tell us what was wrong at all.  I carried her out to the living room so that Dominica could see her but we were never able to figure out what was really wrong.

We brought Liesl into bed with us and for about three hours there was nothing but uncontrollable screaming and crying.  No one was able to get any sleep.  Poor Liesl is in so much pain.  It is so odd that she is hurting so badly now when she went to bed she was feeling fine and actually had been in a really good mood.  Dominica was unable to sleep and has been so exhausted and there was no way that Liesl or I had any chance of getting sleep so we left Dominica on her own to sleep and moved into my office.  I took pillow and blankets into the office and built a bed on the floor. I hooked up my CPAP there and got Liesl an iPad hoping that by watching a show that it might take her mind off of the pain a little bit which, maybe it did, but it was hard to tell.

We put in about an hour in the office without getting any sleep and Liesl decided finally that she could not handle how warm it was in there (unlike the rest of the house it is not really air conditioned and gets no airflow) and that she wanted to try sleeping in her own bed again.  So I carried her into her own bedroom, brought her pillows and blankets back with her and she tried sleeping in there although she was still crying horribly and had very little chance of actually sleeping anywhere.

While Liesl was in her room I manage to sleep for maybe half an hour before she was screaming for me again.  I went in and got her and carried her into our room again.  There she spent the rest of her restless night and towards the end managed to fall asleep for just a little while getting maybe an hour of sleep.

As soon as Liesl woke up again Dominica took her to CareNow to see the doctor.  We were pretty positive that it was an ear infection.  So I stayed home to watch Luciana while Liesl was seeing the doctor.

Dominica and Liesl were gone until around two.  They got home with a load of medicine.  It certainly was an ear infection, a really bad one.  Bad enough that even the doctor was a little surprised.  It is no wonder that poor Liesl was unable to sleep all night.  They were out until about two seeing the doctor and getting her new prescriptions filled.  Liesl got a shot while at the doctor’s to get her feeling better as quickly as possible and then had four prescriptions on top of that.  This is one serious ear infection.

After they got home Liesl took her medicine, about which she was not at all happy, and then put herself straight to bed in our bed and slept the entire afternoon and early evening away till nearly seven.  Boy did she did that. Later in the afternoon Dominica fell asleep for nearly two hours on the floor of my office too.  Everyone is just so worn out.

We decided to relax a little this evening and so we finally bought our copies of Age of Empires II HD from Steam.  We are so excited to get to play that again.  It has been so long.  We probably played for more than two hours.  It has been many years since I have played AoE2.  It is amazing to me how long it has been and how familiar it feels.  It is going to take weeks or months of playing before I start getting back to the intuitive reactions to it that I used to have, though.  We used to play this a lot, almost daily.  Now it has possibly been something like six years since we have played.  I am not sure that I have played since we moved away from Geneseo!  Dominica and I used to play AoE2 back when we were dating.

So far it is a lot of fun playing again but I have noticed that the multiscreen support is not useful because they didn’t fix gameplay to accomodate for the change in the screen real estate so that it is better to turn it off and the pause function appears to be broken and the game is really buggy and slow – which is sad because it is a game from 1998 that ran perfectly fine in 2001 and now, fifteen years after the game was new it has problems running on decently fast computers.

We stayed up way too late playing AoE2 but it was fun and we needed the change of pace.

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