April 22, 2013: Dominica Home “Sick”

Dominica had to call in to work today because her back is just as bad as it was yesterday.  We had hoped that it would just be a one day thing and that sleeping on it would be all that she required but that ended up not being the case and today she was stuck in bed all day.  She was good enough that she did not need me to stay home but only barely.  She has her grandfather’s walking stick that was bequeathed to me and is using that to hobble around the house when necessary.  Luckily our sweet girls understood that mommy wasn’t feeling well and they piled into bed with her and the three of them spent the entire day snuggling together in the bed watching shows in our bedroom.

After work I swung into Subway and picked up dinner for everyone.  It is exceptionally handy having a Subway that is right next to our house and directly on my path home – I don’t even need to cross the street to be able to pick up Subway anymore.  That level of convenience definitely will cause us to eat there a lot more often.  Plus walking there is no problem although we already had another Subway well within walking distance.  This one is a nicer walk and next to other things that we might was to use, though.

So tonight was pretty much a “do nothing” night.  We moved Dominica out to the living room so that she could get a break from the bed and sitting in her good recliner in the living room really helped her feel a lot better.

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