April 23, 2013: Dominica’s Back Improving

I didn’t get much sleep last night and had tons of stuff going on this morning so had overlapping meetings which is always frustrating.   I got up on the early side, but ready and rushed into the office since I needed to be home early because Dominica needed to go to a doctor’s appointment today.  So I got to the office slightly early and did all that I could to get caught up then came home at eleven to watch the girls.  Dominica’s back is still really bad today but she felt that she could drive herself if it was the only thing that she was doing today which she did and it turned out fine.  She is not going to attempt going into the office tomorrow yet as she is still too soar but she is clearly improving so we hope that she will be fine by Thursday.

As soon as Dominica was back home it was back to the office for me.  It ended up, over the course of the day, not being all that busy which was good.

This evening I had a meeting with Danielle for a bit but mostly got family time and we were all able to hang out.  We spent the evening watching shows in the living room because that is where Dominica’s recliner is that makes her back feel better so we are pretty much stuck in there until she improves.

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