March 25, 2013: High Stress Day

Dominica had to get up and go to work this morning as it is Monday.  She is working today and tomorrow this week because we are traveling out to California on Wednesday night (flying out of Houston) so she had to change up her schedule a bit.  She is going to have a skewed schedule next week too.

I had to be in the office today so I drove the girls up to Corinth for daycare this morning.  That is an exhausting process.  Just getting them ready is hard enough and then the drive all of the way up there and then back to the office takes more than an hour.  It really makes it hard to get anything done.

Phillip Moya was in town teaching a SpiceU class in Irving today so Watson and I met up with him and several of the guys from the City of Irving who were taking the classes at El Fenix in irving.  That would have been a lot of fun but just as I was arriving Dominica had an emergency come up at work and needed me to  be on the phone for most of the meal and then instead of going back to check out the class I had to race back to the office so that I could assist them in fixing the issue.  Dominica had a really stressful day.

This evening, when  I got home, I brought home Subway knowing that Dominica was stressed out and had had a very long day.  We picked up  on the second half of The Two Towers and watched the last half of The Lord of the Rings on BluRay.  It has been nearly a decade, we are guessing, since we last watched the movies.  Neither of us can remember having watched them since we left Geneseo and I know that we have not watched them in a really long time because we never bought them on BluRay and have been avoiding watching them on DVD because we knew that we would be disappointed.  So our guess is that we watched in probably twice in Geneseo, around 2005, and have probably not seen it since.

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