March 26, 2013: Spur on My Ankle

Dominica was in the office today so I had to take the girls up to Corinth for day care.  So I started work around eight and did two hours from the house before driving them up.  I got into the office and was there for less than an hour before I did something horrifically painful to my ankle that has been bothering me for the past two weeks.  So at one I ran out to go to CareNow in Carrollton to have them take a look at my ankle.

I ended up getting X-Rays and the verdict, at least at this point, is that I have something like tendinitis brought on primarily by a bone spur on my ankle or heel.  They saw it in the X-Ray but I am not sure exactly where it is.  So for the moment I have some medicine to try but I need to see a specialist about this.  Not fun.

It was late and nearly the end of the day by the time that I was done at CareNow so I just went home and wrapped up the day from there.  Dominica got home with the girls about an hour after me.  We set to packing up the car and were out the door around six thirty.  We hit Subway in Josey Ranch for dinner and were on the highway heading to Houston by seven.

The drive south went really well and it was barely after eleven when we pulled into the Grices’.  They were all already asleep and we were in bed pretty quickly.  Luciana was especially exhausted having not slept well at all on the drive down.

Tomorrow is going to be one crazy, hectic travel day.  I am looking forward to it, though.  It should be a lot of fun and a nice change of pace.

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