March 27, 2013: Off to Los Gatos

Dominica had to get up and work this morning.  She is having a busy start to her week – seven o’clock starts three days in a row.  She was training Art on stuff today and assisting with a tablet computer migration.

Liesl and I slept in a bit.  I knew that it was my last chance for snuggles till Sunday night so didn’t want to get up.  And today is going to be a very long day.

Once I was up I joined Dominica in the kitchen and we worked all day. It was quite a busy day.  I ran out and picked up breakfast tacos and donuts from the place on the corner.  We worked from the Grices’ house (only the Millers were there, everyone else was at work or school) until two and then drove out to meet up with Francesca to hand off the girls to her.

It was nearly three when we got onto Interstate 45 north  to drive up to Bush Intercontinental for our six o’clock flight.  There was a lot of traffic but we did pretty well.  Dominica had to drive so that I could be working from my BlackBerry.

We got to the airport without any trouble and got checked right in.  We are flying US Air on the very day that US Air and American Airlines were approved for their merger.  We grabbed some Pizzeria Uno for dinner – what a let down.  I need to remember that they are never any good.  It always sounds like a good idea but their pizza is just sad.  It’s not as good as the bargain frozen stuff at the grocery store for $1.50.

The flight from Houston to Phoenix wasn’t bad at all.  This is both of our first times flying over the Big Bend region of Texas or southern New Mexico or Arizona.  There was a lot of very interesting scenery to see for much of the flight.  And neither of us has ever been in Arizona at all.  So that was slightly interesting but, of course, it was just the airport.

We had a ninety minute layover at Phoenix so we grabbed some chips and a quesadilla to split and ate that while waiting for our flight.

The flight from Phoenix to San Jose seemed to go really quickly and in not time we were descending into Silicon Valley.  This is my first time ever being north of LA in California and Dominica’s first time to California or the Pacific Coast at all.  So she is pretty excited.  She has been to Las Vegas and nothing else ever west of San Antonio.

It felt like nearly midnight to us when we arrived in San Jose but it was mid-evening local time.  We got into the hotel and were off to bed almost immediately.  From what we can tell we are in a cute little town.  There wasn’t much to see in the dark, though.  I got my laptop set up and Dominica was asleep before I made it into bed.  Have to be up early tomorrow (local time) so that I can work from the hotel all day.  Friends from Spiceworks will be arriving throughout the day and there is stuff to do in the evening so need to be ready.

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