May 10, 2013: Last Day of Masters Classes

Friday.  Officially the final class day of my Masters degree.  It doesn’t mean much as finals and projects are still due and class discussion will continue informally but it is a sort of milestone for me.

For lunch today we took are Polish friend out to Redneck so that he could try actual American Buffalo hot wings.  Redneck actually uses a pretty much authentic Buffalo style recipe (I know it from their Buffalo sauce on their shrimp) so he wanted to try that and that’s where we knew that they were good.

Got home at a decent time this evening, not too bad at all.  Spent the evening working on my classwork.  I’m now into the final week.  One week from tonight absolutely everything must be done, no ifs, ands or buts.  Some stuff ended tonight and there will be something due every few days now.  No more class work proper though.  My first final begins tomorrow.

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