May 11, 2013: Princess Brunch and Finals

For Mother’s Day Dominica decided that instead of doing the expensive, crowded and mostly formal Mother’s Day Brunch at Brookhaven Country Club that we would do the half price, very casual and more fun Princess Breakfast with a Real Princess also at Brookhaven.  She thought that the girls would like this a lot more.  So I took the morning “off” from school and we slept in just a little and got the girls dressed up like princesses and went to Brookhaven.

There wasn’t much of a turnout at Brookhaven today, we were expecting far more people.  We just used a small corner of the main clubhouse.  They had Cinderella set up in a side room.  The girls had a really good time.  Breakfast was pretty basic but was good.  The girls had a lot of fun playing with Cinderella, getting balloon animals, getting their faces painted and then doing a princess training thing where they learned how to behave like princesses.  Liesl was about the perfect age for it.

After brunch we came back home and I spent the rest of the day working on my stuff for school.  I have a final to write this weekend and it is a “take home” final so instead of the three hours that I had to spend on my last exam, this one they are expecting more like eight hours of actually writing the exam.  Not a trivial amount of work for a test.

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