May 13, 2013: Final Open Day

I stayed home from work today and spent the day with the girls while Dominica was at work.  We got very little time to hang out, though, as in addition to work I had to work like frantic on my work for RIT as today is my last full day of being able to work on most of my stuff.  Tomorrow I will be in the office and am leaving early to drive down to Austin where I am working tomorrow night for a few hours and then going to work there all day on Wednesday so instead of having Wednesday evening free to wrap things up I will be busy driving back to Dallas.

Was productive today, still have a lot to do but am moving forward well.  Need to get into the office for the next two months, one of our team members took a cricket ball to the eye over the weekend and is in the hospital so we are short people even more than we had been expecting which is pretty short already.

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