May 14, 2013: Driving to Austin

I had to go into the office today, which I was planning on going to anyway.  But today I am really needed.  I got in and the office was truly empty.  There were only a couple of people in the office at all.  It was kind of crazy.

I did what homework I could during the day but that was pretty much none.  I left the office a little after four and made for Austin as quickly as I could.  It is a really long drive.  Spiceworks is located in the Northwest Hills and it takes at least another half an hour to get to their location once arriving in Austin.

The drive went fine and there wasn’t too much traffic.  I made acceptable time from the DFW to Austin.  Starting from the office gave me a couple of minutes advantage over leaving from home, but only a couple.

It was about seven thirty when I pulled into the Spiceworks parking lot, a bit later than I had hoped but not too bad.

We put in about two hours preparing for the live broadcast tomorrow.  It was fun.  Ted from SpiceWorld 2009 was there.  It’s been years since we have seen each other.  It was fun catching up.

I stayed at the Holiday Inn near the Spiceworks offices.  Nice room, good Internet access.  Did some work before turning in for the night.  Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day.

On the way to the Holiday Inn there was an accident on the road, I got caught in the traffic for it.  I didn’t think anything of it tonight but it will be important tomorrow.

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