May 15, 2013: Spiceworks Live Broadcast

Spiceworks Tech Talk Live! To IT Service and Protect

Got up at seven this morning.  Showered, packed up and got out of the hotel in about forty-five minutes.  That worked well. It is only about ten minutes to Spiceworks from there although I had a little bit of a tough time navigating because of the heavy traffic so it was not as fast as it might have been although I did learn my way around the Northwest hills a bit and am much more comfortable driving them now.  It is amazing how much that region of Austin reminds me of Silicon Valley.

We had a light breakfast, got espresso and then set up for our live broadcast this morning.  We did several run throughs this morning.  The live broadcast started at ten and went pretty well.  We got very positive feedback.  A recording of the session is supposed to be posted tomorrow online.

After our show was done I got a tour of the new Spiceworks facility.  They have only been in the new office space for a few weeks.  The new digs are huge.  I got my first tour when they had just twenty people or so.  Now they have way over two hundred.  They are taking up a huge amount of space over two floors.  They have what is meant to be office space for four companies in use for their one and they are rapidly outgrowing that.

We did a group lunch in a large conference room.

I got set up in a small conference room to use for the day.  One of those two to three person little rooms with a little round table.  I got set up in there and was able to work from there for the day, nice and private.  That actually worked really well as it was very quiet and no one bothered me at all.

I did about an hour of solo video shooting today for promotional materials.

I left Spiceworks as early as I could, just a little after four, but I got turned around trying to get on the road so it took me an extra hour fighting traffic before I was really on the road north towards the DFW.

I got home around eight and spent the rest of the evening working on class work.  Only one thing left after tonight.  My project for my last class is due Friday night.  That’s it.  Just tomorrow to work on it and I will be completely done with classes at RIT.

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