May 17, 2013: Final Day of RIT Classes

It is Friday and I was in the office today.  I did a little work on my project during the day but mostly saved it for this evening.  For lunch several of us went to Redneck.

I actually got out of work at a good time tonight and got home and was able to work on my final project at home.  I put in a few hours and actually managed to turn in the project a few hours before the final minute.  This made Dominica very happy because she really wanted to start watching the current season of Doctor Who which we have been holding off on watching until my classes were done because we knew that once we started watching it that that would be the end and that we would watch all of it that was available.

So around eight this evening we set up the PS3 so that we could watch Amazon VOD in the living room on the big screen and set to watching it until the wee hours of the morning.  We made it through most of the season tonight.  Liesl stayed up watching most of it with us as she loves Doctor Who.

We have a few episodes to watch yet tomorrow and one that releases, in theory, tomorrow night.  So Sunday we should be done with the season.

I am so glad to finally be done with all of my class stuff.  I still have my thesis or capstone left to go but that is it, nothing else.  No more classes at all.  This weekend is going to be a complete relaxation one now that I have turned in my project.  I’ve been needing this for a while.

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