May 18, 2013: The Weekend Off

I got to sleep in a bit this morning. No need to get up, for a change.  No classes needing my attention and no work scheduled for this weekend.  It has been so long that this feels amazing.  We did pretty much nothing all morning.  We watched the two remaining Doctor Who episodes that were available to us in Season 7 and we have one more to go that airs tonight on the BBC and, in theory, we will have available to watch on Amazon VOD by sometime tomorrow.

Mid-afternoon I went out to Redneck with Watson.  I’m on wingman duty today so Dominica didn’t mind.  We weren’t out for long.  Got home and relaxed all evening.  I did some investigating of video games that looked interesting on Steam and found The Book of Unwritten Tales  which is much like a modern take on a Monkey Island style game – object use and dialogue based puzzles in a story-driven adventure setting.  Cute, easy, not stressful.

I played it only for a little bit before Liesl decided to come in and check out the game.  We probably played it together for an hour this evening.  She loved it.  She didn’t play at all, she just watched me play.  She is able to follow it very easily, though, and the art work is very kid friendly being rather cartoony and cute and the puzzles are easy enough that she understands what is happening.  So she is having a good time with it.  It’s fun to be able to play a game with her hanging out with me.

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