May 19, 2013: The Book of Unwritten Tales with Liesl

Liesl came into our room in the middle of the night and slept with us.  This morning she explained to me that she had bad dreams about robots and lobsters and that is why she didn’t want to sleep by herself.  Robots and lobsters?

Today concludes my blow off weekend of doing no, or as little as possible, work.  It felt great.  We slept in this morning and spent the later part of the morning hanging out with the girls.  In the middle of the afternoon suddenly Dominica announced that the final episode of Dr. Who season seven part two, the big finale “Name of the Doctor” episode had finally released to Amazon VOD so we immediately made some snacks, took over the living room viewing center and watched the final episode.

I’ve been checking every few hours to see if my grades had posted yet for my last class.  As far as I know, I literally have only one assignment left to get graded on in my entire RIT academic career and that is the one that I submitted on Friday evening.  I know that grades are due very soon so I’m expecting to see the grade post much more quickly than normal.  Finally early the afternoon it showed up – my final project and assignment came in at a one hundred percent. By my calculations I am far and away above an A in both of this semesters classes and unless I am terribly mistaken that then means that I have actually completed a straight A, 4.0 GPA for my entire graduate program!  To further extrapolate, I think that that means Summa Cum Laude.  We’ll have to see if I am correct on that as RIT does not seem to have any obvious information about how the academic rankings actually work.

This evening Liesl and I settled into my office at her request to play The Book of Unwritten Tales which she discovered yesterday.  We had just played the tiniest bit yesterday and she probably missed the first fifteen or twenty minutes but had watched a bit of, enough to know that she liked it.  Today she made me play many hours of the game.  Maybe even five or six hours of game play time!  She loves it.  It is a point and click adventure game.  She sits on a kitchen chair that she places next to my desk and watches me play.  She will alternative onto my lap from time to time.  She brought in another kitchen chair and put its back to her space to make a “cage” that she was trapped in.  Later she brought blankets and her and Luciana’s small armchairs and made a bit of a prison system.  It was very odd.

The Book of Unwritten Tales, which I picked up from Steam, is pretty cute.  Great music and nice graphics it takes me back to my King’s Quest and Monkey Island days.  Very old school for me, I haven’t played this kind of game to any degree for quite a long time.  It is a nice departure and I really enjoy showing Liesl was games were like when I was younger.  It’s really cool that I can share this with her already.  That all of the dialogue is narrated makes it work really well for her.

Dominica had to pack tonight.  She works tomorrow morning and the girls are going to daycare and then she is leaving right after work to drive down to Houston.  We aren’t sure who is going to pick up the girls yet.  Probably me so that she can get out the door and on the road as quickly as she can.  She wants to be able to beat traffic or the drive will be awful.  She has to have all of her packing done tonight as there won’t be any time for her to do it tomorrow.

We were heading to bed, she was actually in bed already, when our daycare provider cancelled on us for tomorrow.  That caused a little panic.  I guess I will be staying home with the girls tomorrow.  No way around that.  The good part of that is that it makes it much easier for Dominica to get to work and get out the door.

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