May 21, 2013: Day Two Alone with the Kids

Day Two Alone with the Girls.  I’m into uncharted territory here having never been alone with both kids for this long.  This is a new experience for everyone.  I’m sure that Dominica is kind of enjoying having some time without the kids as well as she never gets a break longer than about twelve hours from them.

Dominica said that she plans to be home tomorrow night, probably pretty late.  If everything goes to plan I’ll have three complete days alone with the girls.  There isn’t much opportunity for it to go longer than that because Dominica needs to be home for work early Thursday morning.

Very busy day at the office today.  That made it hard to spend any time with the girls.  They are a little restless as I’ve been very busy.  Liesl spends all day asking when we will get to play the video game, The Book of Unwritten Tales.  She is so into that game.  I don’t think that she has ever been so into a video game.  I’m not sure if it is the game itself or if this is a game that she and I can play together.  That’s certainly why I like it.  It’s awesome being able to actually game with my kids.  I’ve always looked forward to this.   So much fun being able to do this together.

The girls did a bit of painting today.  Liesl had me set up a painting station in the kitchen yesterday and she painted a mask and Luciana set up and painted one too.  Today Luciana put in probably an hour painting again.  Liesl decided that she wanted to paint her nails today too so did that all on her own (with permission) and then painted Luciana’s finger nails too.  They were adorable together.

Both girls were really good today even with me being exceptionally busy.

Once work was done, both girls came into the office, sat on my lap and we played Liesl’s video game.  It was great having both of them.  Luciana just watched and after a while Liesl took over mouse control and actually started playing the game!  She needs me to help her with the dialogue decisions since she can’t read yet but she is able to use the mouse expertly, navigate around the game, look for objects and clues and select the dialogue options.  It is very cool having her be able to really play and not just watch.  We really need to get a computer hooked up in the living room to the projection system so that she and I can play together from the couch.  That will be far more comfortable and engaging and I think it will be easier for her to do out there.

Luciana napped a bit today making it really hard to get her to bed tonight.  Liesl is happy to go to bed on the early side because she is sleeping in my bed.

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