May 22, 2013: Day Three Alone with the Kids

Day Three Alone with the Kids.  Luciana got me up at six thirty this morning having soaked through her diaper during the night.  She didn’t want to go back to sleep and wanted to watch Dora the Explorer or “Boots and Wowa” as she says.  I went to find it and Netflix couldn’t find it.  So I tried Diego, also no luck.  I knew what had happened and feared the worst.  I ran to my office and Googled the situations, sure enough, Netflix let their contract with Viacom expire this morning and the Nickelodean content that has been so important to us these past few years is now gone.  The shows that Liesl grew up watching are not going to be available for Luciana.  This is going to be hard to explain to both of them, Luciana especially as she is right in the early stages of the series Dora frenzy.  It is her favourite show.  She watches it every day and some Diego too.  They watch them together too.

Later in the morning, Luciana came into my office with Lambie asking me to help her put him into her backpack and then to put no the backpack.  A routine that she does so that she can pretend to be Dora the Explorer herself before going to watch the show.  She was very sad when I explained that we didn’t have Dora anymore and she took off the backpack and sat in my lap for a while.

Later in the day we figured out that the Nickelodean shows that we care about are being mostly made available from Amazon VOD either for free or for purchase.  So we plan on purchasing a lot on there to ensure that Liesl and Luciana continue to have access to them.

We had a pretty good day today.  It’s amazing that I have managed to be home with the girls, alone, for so long.  This is one of my longest stretches without leaving the house too.  I can see why Dominica likes to just stay home for a long stretch, it is very relaxing.  The girls and I have been having a good time getting a lot of time together and the timing was perfect that all of my college stuff wrapped up so that I don’t need to be worrying about that at all.

I worked all day and Dominica got home at a pretty decent time in the early evening.  She had left Houston just minutes before one and made the drive up only having to deal with Dallas rush hour traffic which held her up a bit.  The girls were very excited to see her and Liesl was very excited to show her the video game that we have been playing and how Liesl is now able to actually play the game herself rather than watching me play – something that Dominica has not gotten to see yet.

This evening Dominica was exhausted and mostly just relaxed.  Liesl and I played more of our game.  We are very close to the end of it but didn’t quite make it all of the way tonight.

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