May 5, 2013: Back Home

Slept in just a little this morning and then we were on the road to head back to Dallas.  We didn’t get onto the road quite as early as we had hoped and we hit some downtown traffic so we tried going the loop route out to the east of the city.  That probably would have worked alright had we known what exit to take to get back to the highway.  We ended up taking slow, congested roads too far north and it was not speedy at all.

On the trip north we stopped at Texas Burger and picked up some veggie burgers to eat on the drive.

The drive wasn’t too bad although I was really tired getting into Dallas. We got home and I put in some time doing homework tonight.  Not a lot due this weekend, next weekend is the big one, so this weekend was pretty light but I can’t start slacking now or I won’t be able to keep up going into this week.  This begins my home stretch.  Only one week left of class and one more week left for finals.  This is it, nearly the end.


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