May 4, 2013: The Triple Birthday Party

Today is the big, joint birthday party for Garrett, Clara and Luciana.  I had to run out to the grocery store this morning to get some cooking and party supplies.  So I left early and when I went out there were two dogs in the middle of the intersection that I had to drive around.  That worried me a bit.

When I returned from getting groceries the two dogs were still out and followed the Acadia back to the Grices’ house and hung out as if they were our dogs.  One was a golden retriever or retriever blend and looked exactly like a very old version of my dog Lady from my childhood.  The other was a little miniature dachshund, the same colouring as Nugget, the dog that we had when I was born.  The two of them together was like watching the ghosts of my childhood playing together like it was 1982 again.

The two dogs were insistent on getting into the house and because, as always, everyone just ignored me or argued when I yelled that I needed help immediately one managed to knock past me and get into the house.  The older retriever looked so much like Liza that they actually couldn’t tell them apart running around the house.  It took a bit to get the guest dog out of the house again.  Both dogs were very clean and friendly but had no collars or markings so we didn’t know what to do.

We hid in the house for a while then Emily and I tried to walk out to pick up donuts for the family for breakfast.  Well, that didn’t work.  The two dogs started following us and we could not go out to the main road or the dogs would be out in the road and would get hit for sure.  So we were stuck.  We ended up spending a full hour walking all over the neighbourhood knocking on doors and asking if anyone knew the dogs.  No one did.  They were very friendly but tried to get into any house that they could.  We got to meet all kinds of people though.  In the end we had to go back to the house sans donuts and hide in the house for a bit.

Eventually Dominica and Madeline dropped Emily and I off to get the donuts.  The dogs didn’t know that we had gotten into the car so didn’t follow us this time.  Dominica called animal control because they dogs were just too risky to leave out.  They didn’t understand the road at all and would lay down in the intersection.  They need protection.  By the time that Emily and I walked back from getting the donuts the dogs were gone.  Don’t know if animal control picked them up or if their owners got home and took care of them but either way they were not out ready to get hit by a car anymore.

We ate our late breakfast and were right off to the Tocco’s where the party was being held this afternoon.  Like any party at the Toccos’, the kids ended up going swimming.  There was a lot of swimming and the party went all evening.  The party went well and everyone had a good time.

Dominica and Francesca went back with the kids early and I stayed behind to hang out until fairly late.  I never get to be the one who stays and parties.  It was a nice change.

Tomorrow morning we are driving back to Dallas.  Have to be out of Houston before the traffic gets going and I need time to work on my classwork before it gets too late.

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