June 12, 2013: Pull Up Free

I had to be up and ready early as I was going into Dominica’s office this morning to have a quick meeting before heading into the office myself.  So I was up early and in there making for a busy but productive early morning.

Work was fine and mostly uneventful.  Dan, Doue and I did a quick lunch at Best Thai, curry fried rice with tofu for me, and then we got huge loads of frozen yogurt before returning to the office.

This evening we hung out at home and did some light cleaning to prepare for guests coming over tomorrow after work.

I forgot to mention on Sunday that out of the blue Liesl decided that she was not going to sleep in pull ups any longer.  We’d tried to get her to quit them quite some time ago but she felt that she wasn’t ready and we gave up.  But this week, out of nowhere, she just decided that she was older and wasn’t afraid of accidents (she’s basically had none in a year) any longer so she is now completely diaper/pull up free.  A very big landmark.

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