June 19, 2013: Nitro

In the office today.  Had lunch at the diner.  While I was there I got an email from Susan saying that she was in town but had to work late so wasn’t sure if it would work to get together or not.  We made some tentative plans and decided to see if we could pull it off for a late dinner.

I stayed at work a little bit late and then went to Walmart to stock up on some supplies before driving downtown to get Susan so that she could come up to Carrollton and see Dominica and the girls.  Susan has never met Luciana and has not seen Liesl in many years, not since we were living in Peekskill.  Just as I was arriving downtown at the Adolphus Hotel Dominica emailed me to say that we might be orchestrated a dog rescue.  It is a long convoluted story but Justin’s brother’s ten year old yellow lab named Nitro was about to be turned over to the pound in Dallas and if we didn’t act fast the dog was going to be abandoned!  So Dominica was trying to find out what was going on and how we could help (since Justin is in Georgia) to save Nitro.

Susan and I got to the house and she had a little bit of time to catch up with Dominica and to see the girls and we were just getting ready to head to Brookhaven for dinner when Dominica got the word that someone was going to meet me not too far away with Nitro to hand him off to us.  So Susan stayed at the house and got some more time to visit while I ran to get Nitro in the Acadia.

The pickup of Nitro went smoothly and luckily only took a few minutes.  It was nearly a miracle that Nitro was about to be abandoned to close to us – he could have been anywhere in the country and was actually only a few miles from us.  He is a very sweet, rather old yellow lab but in good health.  He happily got into the Acadia and I got him back to the house in no time.  Fortunately we have a dog friendly house and a dog friendly back yard and don’t rent or anything so that having a massive dog suddenly show up is no problem at all.

I dropped off Nitro and he seemed pretty comfortable at the house.  As it was too late for Brookhaven I took Susan to Redneck Heaven (yes, that is the fourth time this week so far.)  We had a good time, she really enjoyed the Texas experience.  We had a light dinner and then went back to the house, she said her goodbyes and then we stopped by Braums for ice cream on our way downtown to get her back to her hotel.  She had been planning on taking the train back but had just missed it and I didn’t want her to have to sit out for twenty minutes waiting for another one.

Nitro did pretty well tonight.  He slept on my side of the bed on the floor right beneath me.  Luciana woke up after a few hours of sleep and, for probably the first time ever, actually came in and slept between Dominica and I and actually slept.  Liesl had a bad dream and came in to join us late at night but there was no room so she slept at our feet.  I got practically no sleep as I had to keep getting up to deal with one person or another.

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