June 26, 2013: The Dictator

I am in the office every day now as a ton of things have changed at work.  I’m feeling rather depressed these days but everything is fine.  Just not feeling like I’m at the top of my game.  Maybe a lot of it is related to not having the sleep flexibility that I am used to.

Went to the Local Diner with Dan, we just did coffee today and split some onion rings.  Just wasn’t feeling lunch.

Dominica, Morgan, Rachel, Jaiden, Liesl and Luciana all went up to Denton today and hit the Reaper factory (the actual factor, not a store) to seek out cool miniatures for our D&D game.  Then they hit another store to get dice and some random supplies.  So I have new orange D20s and a set of D6s which will make rolling easier.  We all got new, custom miniatures to use now too.  The girls had a great time going to the stores and hanging out with the older girls.  They were exhausted by the time that I got home.

This evening Dominica wanted to the watch The Dictator which was free on Netflix so we watched that and it wasn’t horrible.  Not exactly good, that would be too strong of a term.  But it was not horrible.  Slightly entertaining, I guess.   We did some cleaning tonight too.  We need to get ready for the D&D game that will be here tomorrow and it is really hard for us to clean tomorrow since we both have to be at work all day beforehand.

Dominica baked cookies tonight for tomorrow and made dough so that we will be ready to do home made pizzas for the game too.

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