June 28, 2013: Old Newspapers

Today I did a ton of catching up on SGL.  All caught up now.

I found another old newspaper clipping of myself.  This one presumably from April, 1983 when, like in the other one, I made the honor roll at Pavilion Baptist School.  Very odd that they used to print this stuff in the newspaper.  This one is from when I was in first grade.  Mrs. Duthie’s class.  It is weird to see how much the world has changed, and how much it hasn’t.  If you think posting today on Facebook or on a blog that you were spending the weekend visiting your parents just look at that newspaper where people coming in to visit their family for the weekend actually went through the effort of writing into the newspaper to have it officially published.  Given the incredible difference in effort necessary between making a Facebook or Twitter update versus contacting the newspaper and having something added to the week’s printing and having all that money spent on ink, paper, setting, proofing and delivery it is actually far more amazing to me the minutia that was printed in the 1980s versus what is published today.  And today it is far more private since we can limit visibility or practical visibility of posts whereas the newspaper was totally and completely public, was always archived and now is completely public on the Internet as well.  I can’t believe that there are sections just for little areas like Covington (where I grew up) and Dale (the smallest post office in America back then.)  Also it is kind of sad that both schools mentioned in this paper have long since closed.

In the office today.  Came home over lunch but had a outage at work and had to hop online from home and worked on it from there all afternoon right into the evening deployments.  I was pretty glad that I was stuck at home since the deployments ran until around seven thirty this evening.  It was a long day.

We didn’t do very much tonight.  Dominica didn’t feel like watching anything.  The girls hung out in my office much of the night.

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