June 6, 2013: Outage Over

I slept in a little this morning.  I needed that.  I did not even notice when Dominica got up and went to the office.  But she was barely gone when Liesl climbed into bed because of a bad dream where a bird came and took her away.  And then very soon Luciana was awake.  I tried to stay in bed for a while but that did not work out very well.

We are still going through the server issue at the office so I had to rush to get the kids ready and to get out of the door so that I could get in to work.  It made for a really hectic morning.

I got into the office and today was actually not all that busy once I was in.  By late afternoon the server outage that started early Monday morning was finally over.  I managed to actually get out at a decent time this evening too.

We all just hung out at the house this evening.  Dominica and I have been working to get through Arrested Development so that we can watch the new season that Netflix just released.

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