June 5, 2013: Outage Day Three

Had to be up at a quarter till six this morning.  I am very tired again today.  I had a call and then got right to work dealing with the server outage that kept me so busy yesterday.  I put in a few hours on that and then went in to the office.

I was hungry and got myself a sub at Subway on the way to the office.

Doue and I tried out the “Local Diner”, yes that is its actual name, right around the corner from the office.  It was nice.  I got a fish wrap which was a little bit like a diner take on a fish taco.

Got home at a relatively normal time.  Had to work all evening.  Just too much to be done.  Liesl didn’t listen to Dominica tonight and got in some trouble so had her evening of video games revoked tonight.  It was a good night for it, though, because I had to get work done.

I ended up working until three thirty in the morning!  I am going to be dragging tomorrow.

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