June 9, 2013: The New Arrested Development

Got actual sleep last night, almost make up sleep.  Eight hours probably.  For most people that is just barely a night of sleep but for me it is way more than I normally manage to get.  I was feeling pretty good today.

This morning we finished watching the old seasons of Arrested Development and by early afternoon were ready to start watching the new season that was commissioned by Netflix.

It took about four episodes of the new Arrested Development before we were able to get into it.  The new season has basically the entire cast of the original back which is really awesome but the format has been changed a bit and it took a lot for us to really get hooked again.  A lot of the feel of the original series is lost and it feels like a real disconnect.  The new series attempts to cover something like seven years of “gap” between the seasons and you feel really lost trying to keep up with how the story is being told.  Once we sat through it, though, we did find that it was really good and the story was coming together so we are really enjoying it now but it took a bit to get to that point.

We are excited for Arrested Development and Netflix as this is the first time that a major network show that was cancelled has managed to be resurrected by an online carrier.  This has a lot of potential to be a game changer in the television media space.

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