May 31, 2013: Friday

Today is Friday.  I got into the office normal time and had a pretty busy morning.  Nothing bad, just on the busy side.  Sometimes that means that the whole day will be busy and sometimes it means that I am getting all of my work out of the way so the afternoon will be slow.

Dan and I tried to go to lunch today but there were “complications” at the office and we weren’t able to go anywhere for a long time.  We ended up missing lunch completely and finally made a quick run to get coffee at least since we had had nothing all day.  But there were no seats inside of Starbucks and it was pretty hot outside.  Not horribly hot but the cafe seats there are completely exposed and the sun was really beating down and the humidity was high.  So we didn’t want to be outside.  We tried it for a few minutes and then both had the idea of going to get frozen yoghurt.  So we did that but got cut short because I was needed back in the office.  So after three hours of trying to go out we managed to get thirty minutes.

Worked wrapped up around five thirty and I came home.  The family hung out this evening.  Ciana was in bed pretty early.  Once Ciana was in bed Liesl and I played about an hour of Ankh 2: The Heart of Osiris that she has been playing.  It is definitely not as good as the last games that we have played but she likes it.

Watson and I went out this evening to Redneck and hung out for a while.

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