July 18, 2013: Another Great D&D Night

The girls were not able to go to Ms. Melissa’s house for daycare today but thankfully, at the last minute, Dominica had been able to reach Morgan yesterday and she came by at nine this morning to watch the girls for the day.  It really is amazingly convenient for us to have Morgan come here rather than needing to transport the girls elsewhere.  Much less stress.

I had a busy morning before leaving the house. This whole week has been crazily busy.  So much going on.  Due to some changes at Dominica’s office, the Ralstons are cancelling their trip down to Texas next week.  That will help them out with being overloaded with work but makes us all scramble to figure out what all is going on now, next week.  I will be speaking on Danielle’s behalf at SpiceCorps DFW now, so I have extra work load to do there now.

I got home after work and we cleaned as we usually do trying to get ready for the Dungeons & Dragons game.  Dominica did a lot of cleaning before I got home.  Kyler was over first, around seven.  Morgan (who had gone home to change) and Jose were over at eight.  Rachel and Jaiden made it a little after eight thirty.

Really great gaming session tonight.  Very little time lost dealing with food and drinks.  We got in and really got into the game quickly.  And a ton more roleplaying than in the past.  I think that everyone is starting to “get it” a lot more.  This was a big improvement.  We did not play nearly as late tonight as we have been but the game was really intense and we made a lot of progress.  Very encouraging and after a month and a half we’ve not lost a single player, not even for a single session.  That is really an accomplishment.

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