July 27, 2013: Denton Hip Hop Contest

Got up this morning and it was just “get the girls dressed” and Dominica was out the door.  And I’m alone.  Thus begins my lonely week at home without the family.  This is going to be a long week.  At least the girls won’t really miss me as they will be being entertained by their cousins.

I set to doing some cleaning around the house.  Did not do a ton today but definitely made some progress.  The house is looking pretty good.  The dishes are mostly done.  The toys are put away.  It is a very good start and I have a whole week to keep moving forward on it.  That’s probably my favourite thing about everyone being away, my chance to really get the house cleaned up.

I played a little bit of Knights of the Old Republic today.  That’s a great game.  I have not had much chance to play it in quite a while and I am accumulating games via Steam faster than I am able to play them so I really need to get on the ball and knock a few of them out.  I have a feeling that when I am done that Dominica is going to want to play KOTOR as well, it is a perfect game for her.

Rachel and Jaiden invited me to come up to Denton for a hip hop competition at Rubber Gloves.  Always up for an adventure, I decided to go.  We weren’t going to meet till pretty late so I played some more KOTOR then took a shower and drove up to Denton.

I have never actually gone to Denton before tonight.  Weird that it is so close and I have never been there.  And I have so many friends that live in Denton too.  And the train runs to downtown Denton from right down the street from our house.  Dominica has even been there but I have not.

I met up with Rachel and Jaiden at Rachel’s apartment.  We hung out for about an hour.  Then we drove over to Rubber Gloves for the hip hop competition.  An odd evening, to say the least.

Kyler noticed my Facebook check in and said that he lived right around the corner from where we were so he came over to join us too.

After the competition about eight people went back to Rachel’s apartment to hang out for a while.  I took Kyler home as he had ridden his bicycle there, then off home for me.  It was about four thirty when I got back to the house.  I will get to sleep in a little tomorrow but I have work scheduled at noon for the office so I need to make sure that I wake up.

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