July 26, 2013: Last Day with the Family

I slept in all that I could today.  Still not a full night of sleep but at least five or six hours.  Then up and into the office for the day.  Nothing special at work today.  Lunch at the Local Diner.

I got home and we just spent the evening relaxing and packing so that Dominica can get on the road with the girls first thing in the morning because the lake house that they have this year will allow them to check in anytime tomorrow so there is no need to wait until the afternoon to get in.  They want to get maximum use out of it and getting to the lake house on the first day late in the afternoon is just annoying because you need time to get set up, figure out where things are, deal with problems, etc.

Dominica was hungry so after I was done working, which was around seven thirty, I ran over to Subway and picked up dinner.  I brought it back and we discovered that a new season of Rules of Engagement was now available on Netflix so we watched just a little bit of that.  Just enough to eat our dinner.

Then Luciana decided that she was tired and went to bed and Liesl asked if we could play Ankh 3 which we have not had very much time to play together recently.  So we went into my office and she and I put in probably two hours of video gaming together.  That was fun.

Then everyone went off to bed.

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