July 29, 2013: No Star Wars Today

I set an alarm and got up to make sure that Kyler and Jason were up and on the road and I heard them but by the time that I actually went to check on them they were already gone.  I tried going back to sleep and got a little sleep but was paged out just after seven.  So my night was rather unfulfilling with only about five hours of sleep total and that broken up a bit.  I’m still running quite short of sleep from last week.

So I worked from home all morning and went into the office at ten.  The office is practically empty.  I have no idea why there are so few people.  We get really mixed messages.  They desperately need everyone in the office yet no one is there so it is completely pointless.  We are there to answer the phone but we go weeks without getting a call.  We are incredibly short people and they claim that they are trying to hire people yet we are going through rolling furloughs to drive home that they have too many people staffed as it is.  Everything is very contradictory.

I skipped lunch and did some catching up on things.  SGL, for one, is caught up.  And emails are not too far behind.

After worked I grabbed Subway and ate near the office then hit Braums for ice cream on the way home.  Got home and laid down for a second to relax.  Normally I come home and do this as Luciana’s behest so that she and Liesl can jump on the bed.  I was there but a second before I passed out.  I woke up after six thirty and was so disoriented that I ran into the middle of the house trying to figure out the time believing that I had just slept all night and that it was now Tuesday!    I take naps so seldom that it really messed me up. Once I figured out that I had just gotten home from work and had only just taken a nap I laid back down and slept till almost eight.  I must really have been tired.

We were supposed to be watching a Star Wars marathon tonight but no one showed up, or even responded.  So no idea what happened there.  Not a big deal, I did a little work and played some Knights of the Old Republic.

Half past midnight and off to bed.  I have a conference call at eight tomorrow morning.  I sure am busy these days.

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