July 6, 2013: Dr. Who Marathon Day

Slept in this morning.  It is a holiday weekend and our plan is to do absolutely nothing.  We really need a good, solid weekend of relaxation.  So this morning we did some light cleaning and a lot of playing with the girls.  One of their favourite things is just to have me lie on the bed in our bedroom and Liesl and Luciana come in and jump on me.  Luciana likes to stand on my back and leap off although sometimes she just resorts to body slamming me.  We probably did that for an hour today.

Kyler came over at one and we set to watching about thirteen hours of Doctor Who!  We made it all of the way through the first season and a good chunk into the second season this afternoon and evening.  Liesl watched most of it with us.  She is such a Doctor Who fan.

I’m in a mood to go back and start watching the old shows now.  Netflix is starting to get the old episodes now.  They are missing tons of them but they do have a few.  Enough to get to see many that I’ve not seen before and hopefully some that I’ll remember from my childhood.  It has been a long time since I have watched the Tom Baker or Peter Davidson years, those were really the ones that I grew up on.

It was late so Kyler used the guest bedroom tonight.  Ciana slept in Liesl’s room.  They love getting to do that.

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