July 5, 2013: Long, Lonely Non-Farm Day

It really, really sucks that today is non-farm payroll and that yesterday was the holiday.  That’s not so much a real holiday.  So I had to be up at five thirty this morning with just two hours of sleep.  I felt pretty crappy.  Only about three hours of sleep the night before.

I got into the office and there was only one other person here.  Very silly for anyone to be here at all but non-farm needs to be covered and I’m overly dedicated so here I am.

It was an incredibly slow day, as expected.  There is almost no one looking to do work on a Friday between a holiday and a weekend.  The place is a ghost town.  Sadly I had a ton of deployments scheduled for the evening so my early morning and late night are busy but the whole middle of the day is completely dead.

So at lunch time I switched to working from home.  I worked a fourteen hour day when most everyone else worked four so I felt pretty burned out.

The moment I was done working, Liesl and I played about an hour of her video game on my desktop, Ankh 3.  We’ve barely been getting any time to play that for weeks.  Need to make sure that we are making a point of getting to spend that time together.

Kyler is coming over tomorrow early afternoon for a Dr. Who marathon.  So we are pretty much taking the day off.

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