June 30, 2013: Pete’s Cafe

We were feeling pretty tired this morning after our late night at the drive in.  It was a light day for us.

We started off by heading down to the end of Trinity Mills to try to get breakfast at Norma’s Cafe but the line was ridiculous so we drove around and ended up going to Pete’s Cafe down on Beltline in the Branch which was excellent.  Really good food. Dominica and I both go migas.

We did a little grocery shopping on the way home from breakfast.

This afternoon Dominica and I spent a little time on TrainSignal going through some Network+ training.  I am working on learning the TrainSignal training style to make sure that I know what they are looking for and we are using it as an opportunity for Dominica to get some additional training that she has not gotten before.

After the kids went to bed, Chris and I went to Redneck for just a little bit.  Salad and a beer.  It was a nice night so we were able to sit outside.

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