July 1, 2013: Genghis Grill and the Red Balloon

Today I discovered that my monthly page hits for SGL are at roughly four hundred thousand!  That seems excessive for my personal blog.  But pretty exciting.

Today is Monday.  I got up and took the girls up to Corinth.  Luciana has been getting better and better about being dropped off.  It wasn’t too many weeks ago that she would just cry and cry when I went to leave her.  She was so sad.  She has been slowly improving and today I just sat her down and she ran off with the kids to play in the other room – never sad goodbye to me or anything.  Perfectly happy.

For lunch today Dan and I checked out Taco del Mar which is new and opened right around the corner.  It was okay, they were still getting the hang of things so that might have been part of the problem but the food wasn’t amazing either and I’m a die hard fish taco fan.  It wasn’t bad, just not exciting in any way.  They did mention that they would have a bigger fish selection soon.

We had to make a run down to South Irving to see if we could find out about some desktops but did not manage to make connections.  So it was a wasted trip.  Dominica is in a bit of a panic to get some computers for the office so I was trying to help out.

This evening Dominica decided that she wanted to go try out the Genghis Grill.  So I got home, we did a little work for mayb half an hour, and then we packed up the girls and headed out to the Mongolian BBQ.  The food was pretty good and healthy.  I don’t like the mob of people picking out their ingredients, it is a little too frenzied for me and very confusing.  But the results are good.  Glad to know of a place that does tofu.

After dinner we hit Braums for some ice cream.  Luciana got a soft serve twist.  Liels got one scoop of birthday cake and one of strawberry short cake.  Delicious.

Luciana went to bed and then Liesl and I watched the 1956 French classic Le Ballon Rouge.  This was Liesl’s first time watching a movie in French, although she has spent time in France so that’s only so exciting.  She really enjoyed the movie. We snuggled on the couch and watched it together.

Going to bed tonight my CPAP mask ripped.  I now have no way to sleep.  Wonderful.  Going to be a long night.

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