August 13, 2013: Last Day at Home This Week

I was pretty restless last night and did not get to sleep for a really long time.  Once I finally did I was awoken by Luciana who had snuck over from her room and wanted to climb into bed.  So I made some room and she climbed into bed and snuggled with me sleep on top of my left arm making me rather uncomfortable so I was unable to even think about falling back asleep.  It was pretty warm with Ciana sleeping on one arm and my back against Liesl’s back.  I can’t believe that Liesl never woke up and Ciana just fell right back asleep.  This was around four thirty, so I just lay like that for two hours before attempting to get up.

I needed to be up early this morning as I had paperwork stuff that I needed to deal with today.  So I was up doing that this morning.  Luciana did not want me to get out of bed.  When I got up she said “no” in her groggy little voice and got out of bed and followed me.  I sat on the foot of the bed and she climbed up into my lap and put her head on my shoulder falling back asleep immediately.

Work was extremely slow today.  I took a late lunch and met Dominica and the girls at Rockfish in Irving.  That was a nice change.  Both girls were determined to sit with me while we ate which always makes actually eating pretty hard to do.

Got back to the office but it was a short afternoon.  Got home a little early and then had a phone meeting for an hour and a half.  That kept me busy until six thirty.

After that we watched Into the Woods and finished it up.  Got the girls to bed on the early side.  They are both sleeping in their own room tonight, no one is sleeping with us.  I need sleep before the rest of this week gets started.  I have way too much going on.  And Dominica is going to be pretty overwhelmed too.

I had to try on suits and make sure that I had everything that I needed.  Dominica got me all packed for my trip and we had everything done before we sat back down and watched the two latest episodes of Hot in Cleveland on Hulu+.  Then right off to bed.

Tomorrow morning I head to the office and work all day.  I have to leave at four thirty to run to the airport (DFW) to catch my flight to La Guardia on Delta.  I actually don’t believe that I have ever flown through La Guardia.  JFK I have used for trips to Europe on several occasions and Newark Liberty we have used for years.

I get to Queens around eleven thirty tomorrow night and then up to Greenwich, Connecticut where I have never been before.  I’ve driven through, once, when Andy and I made the coastal drive from NYC to Boston around 1998 but it was just zipping by on the highway.  And I’ve been to other parts of Connecticut before, especially having lived just a few miles off of the border for about a year, but along the Gold Coast will be new to me.

I will be in Greenwich on Thursday and then in Westport on Friday.  Friday night I will be flying back down to Dallas.  Everyone wants to see me while I am in town but, sadly, I don’t have any free time so can’t really do anything at all but hang out in my hotel.  At most I only have a handful of free hours in the entire time that I am up there.

I will be essentially out of contact, completely, Thursday and Friday.  I am using furlough days so I am not on call for the office and my phone will be mostly off during that time.

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