August 21, 2013: Happy Birthday Dominica!

Today was a crazy interview day for me.  We had thought that there might be two interviews today but I ended up getting scheduled for a practical marathon doing three this morning and three this afternoon!  What a day.  I got up and ran into the office this morning but was only there for about an hour.  Then I had to run home to be able to do the interview barrage.  That was intense.

So the morning leading up to the lunch hour was at home.  Then I got to relax at home for just a little bit but the family all left while I was doing the interviews so I was just stuck home alone for all of my efforts.  Then, before they returned, I went into the afternoon interviews and did that till nearly three.  Then I ran back into the office to finish up the day from there.  There was hardly anyone in the office anyway.  It seems to be the trend this week.  Things are slow and no one is around.

After work I came home and Madeline and Emily watched Liesl and Luciana so that I could take Dominica out to Rockfish for her birthday.  She got them fast food to eat at the house.  We didn’t go out for very long, the perils of being older.  But we made it out on the early side for dinner before the rush began and had a nice dinner.  We had heard, already, that the job that I’ve really been wanting has basically said that the money that we are asking for is all set but there are some officially sign offs needed and that cannot be done until tomorrow.  So we think that all is well and we are pretty sure that we are going to be moving very soon but we don’t have anything official yet.

Dominica’s present was the treadmill that she got a few weeks ago.

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