August 23, 2013: It’s Official!

Today is the day, got scheduled first thing this morning for “the call” with the news at two thirty this afternoon (central time.)  So most of the day was spent just waiting for that.  Lots of phone calls today, not related to anything in particular, just seemed a really busy phone day both work related and personal.  Was on the phone all morning, it seemed, and all of my deployments today seemed to want to be live on the phone while doing them.

For lunch today I finally, after four years, went to Terra, the Mediterranean place around the corner from our old apartment that we’ve been interested in trying since we first moved to Texas.  The food was quite good, the line was very long.  Too bad Dominica did not get a chance to try it.  I went with Doue and Bryant who were already going there and invited me along.

While we were there Kim called me because she needed help getting Armando’s truck from his work because he had kidney stones this morning and had to be rushed to the hospital via ambulance so he was all drugged up on pain killers and could not drive but his truck was stranded.  So Doue drove me back to work and I grabbed my car.  Luckily it occurred to me that if I didn’t pick up Dominica to help move cars, I’d be stranded too there.  So I called her and sent her home from her long day of thrift store shopping with Emily and I drove home and got her then we went over to Lewisville and picked up his truck and brought it back to our place.

I made it back to our house with only minutes to spare before the call came in officially offering me the job that I have been hoping for.  We got everything that we asked for so the job has been accepted.  I still have to go through a background check so that will take a few days.  Then from there we will determine the start date.  So it will be a minimum of three weeks, four seems quite likely.  But they do want us as soon as is comfortably possible as there is a ton of work to get done and the want me to help to deal with that load right away.

I went back into the office and immediately had the meeting with my boss to discuss the plans for me leaving work.  So they are prepared but don’t have the final date yet.

This is quite the change.  I am leaving a job of nearly eight years, by far the longest single normal job of my entire life.  And we are moving from Texas to Connecticut, which in itself is a big change, but living in our current house is the longest stretch in a single residence since I lived with my parents and being in the general vicinity is the longest that I’ve ever lived in the same area since leaving home.  We were rather settled here in a way neither of us has ever been before.  And Dominica has been at her current job for nearly a year too, which is not a record or anything for her but is nearly as long as almost any job that she has had.

Did deployments till around six thirty.  It was a decently busy evening.  Then came home and we all just stayed in. Tonight is Madeline and Emily’s last evening in Dallas.  Dominica will be heading south with them at eight in the morning.  So all four of the kids were off to bed on the early side, Liesl was the last one up by a bit.  She stayed up to snuggle with me on the couch even after Dominica had gone to bed.

A big day.  I feel pretty tired.  Had to get my iPhone backed up and wiped clean so that Madeline can take it tomorrow.  She is getting it now that I am on the Windows phone on T-Mobile.  We have no need for non-international phones now.

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