August 24, 2013: Star Trek Night

Dominica was up sometime around six this morning.  I slept in until seven and only then realized how early it was and that she had been up and doing housework for a while.  The plan was for her and the nieces to be on the road at eight so that they could drive down to Centerville and transfer them to Francesca.  So, like last week, Dominica should be back home around one and I am home watching Liesl and Luciana.

We did a bit of cleaning of the house today.  What a disaster it is currently.  That was an all day project.  We also did a bit of looking at apartment and rental options up on the Connecticut Gold Coast.  We are toying with being right next to the office or maybe a place on the beach.  So many options and we don’t know the area all that well.  So we are kind of flying blind and since we don’t really have a great idea of what our lifestyle is going to be like up there we are kind of loss.

This evening we decided to take it easy.  Watched some Rules of Engagement and ate our dinner, which Dominica just made at home, and when the sun went down and it was dark enough for a real movie we bought Star Trek: Into Darkness on the AppleTV and we spent the evening watching that.  Before we started the movie, Dominica ran to Aldi’s to pick up their evily delicious popcorn mix which we ate a ton of while watching the movie.  We also made some cheese bites that been hiding in the freezer.  Not exactly on diet but at least we are clearly stuff out of the freezer to make it go away.

The movie was very good.  Liesl watched it with us and Luciana was up for much of it having taken an early nap around three and sleeping till nearly eight.  So the girls ended up being up very late.

Luciana was not very sleepy but it was getting late.  She had such a long nap.  So tonight, for the first time, she was allowed to take the iPad to bed with her.  We will see how that goes.  It worked great with Liesl at Ciana’s age so we are hopeful.  Liesl slept with us tonight.

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