August 5, 2013: Monday

Dominica was off to work and I was awake by seven.  This going to bed early thing is really throwing me off.  My body doesn’t know what to do with so much sleep.  I was a little soar when I woke up this morning after having lifted yesterday.  My right arm is especially soar after Chris tried to treat my carpal tunnel.  It feels like my arm was in a car accident.

I was able to get ready for work nice and leisurely today, plenty of time since there was no need to leave early since I needed to wait for Morgan to arrive anyway.

Morgan came over and I filled her in on the latest with the girls… like Luciana now sleeps in Liesl’s room and she doesn’t use bottles anymore!  Luciana is not very happy about that, but she is getting used to it.

Off to work.  Another hot day.  One hundred and five by the end of the day.  Pretty hot.  No breaks expected all week.

Work was okay.  Doue and I went to lunch at Rockfish.  I did pretty well eating healthy but could not resist getting the chicken fried tuna again.  SO good.  He has never been to Rockfish before and was very impressed – and he used to work at Red Lobster too.

The afternoon went by pretty quickly.  I managed to get out of work at a decent time and got home to see the girls.  Tonight is a “hang out with the kids” night.  We didn’t turn the projector on at all, except for a little My Big, Big Friend for the girls while they ate some yoghurt while getting ready for bed.  All family time tonight.

We had about an hour then Dominica was off to the salon and to go shopping for a while so she was gone most of the evening.  So it was just the girls and I.  We played quite a bit.  We did our “daddy lying on the bed while the girls jump on my back” game which, perhaps, is what keeps me from getting sciatica.  Maybe I need my back cracked that way all of the time.

Getting Luciana to bed was quite a chore.  Took a lot of effort.  I read to her for a while.  She loved that.  She will happily climb into bed and pretend to sleep while I read.  But the moment that I stop, she is wide awake.  Liesl ran in and sat on the bed with Luciana to hear stories too.

Once I finally got Luciana off to bed Liesl and I played an hour of Ankh 3.  We are nearly done with Chapter 6 now.

Dominica got home and it was time to get Liesl off to bed.  I was off to bed as quickly as I could be.  It was nearly eleven by the time I got into bed.  A lot of Walt Disney World planning going on.  We are trying to figure out where we are staying, from where we are flying, where we will eat, etc.  Any trip to Disney requires a lot of planning.  Even just for nine days.

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