August 4, 2013: First Full Day Back with the Family

My first full day with my family back home with me.  It is nice to wake up to the kids bouncing all over the place.  I miss that.  My new sleep schedule means that I am awake before they jump on me, though, so that is good.

Today is mostly a day to relax (and to clean up all of the stuff from the vacationing.)  We did very little this morning, just spent time together as a family.  It wasn’t a lot of time as I have to work at half past twelve every Sunday now anyway.  That is not very much fun.  They reduce our pay because we aren’t supposed to have scheduled weekend work anymore, just emergency escalation, then they ask me to “temporarily” take on a weekend rotation when someone quit a year or two ago, now on top of a weekend rotation I take on a schedule three solid hours of work in the middle of every Sunday afternoon because it is too important for the people they took my pay away for to handle.  I’m not very happy.

So I signed in and worked from twelve thirty to three thirty.  Eric McAlvin, who is the first person that I hired at my current job and whose wedding Dominica and I attending on Long Island years ago and who is now back at work for his third go-round, was on the call too so at least we got to hang out.  There are about thirty of us that do this call now every Sunday afternoon.

Dominica went out and did some grocery shopping today as the cupboards are really bare.  There is practically nothing left in the house.  Between her taking food with her to the lake house and me working on eating stuff that was left behind, the food in the house has really run low.  So we needed a lot of the food for the girls or they were going to mutiny.

At four thirty I went to the Rosemeade Recreation Center with Chris and lifted for about an hour.  Did dead lifts and flat bench press.  Got a decent work out in.

We watched some Rules of Engagement this afternoon while we ate our dinner.  Then Ciana went to bed – we’ve moved her mattress from her and Liesl’s old crib to the floor underneath Liesl’s bunk bed so that the two girls can really share the room now.  Now we hope we can get the crib packed up and probably up to the attic so that we can turn Luciana’s old room into a dedicated play and guest room.  The girls like living together, it works out well.

After Ciana went to bed, Liesl and I settled in and played forty-five minutes on Ankh 3.  Made it through another chapter.  We are on Chapter Six now.  She is still loving our gaming time together.  I’m still happy with our investment in our Steam games.

Liesl went to bed at ten thirty.  Dominica and I were off to bed immediately thereafter.  Tomorrow is Monday and she has to be back to work early in the morning.

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