August 7, 2013: Operation Gecko Rescue

Dominica and I were both up early this morning, around seven, so that we could deal with the outage that happened last night.  So it was a busy morning.  Conference calls and whatnot before I was able to

Dominica worked from home all day today.  It was a very busy day for her.  Like a full day or work, maybe more.

Today is one of the hottest days of the year.  This is supposed to be our peak week.  This year has been super mild.  It is still crazy hot and part of it is that I have simply adjusted to the whole Texan heat thing, but it really is not as bad as past years have been.

Didn’t eat today, was too busy, had to wait until I got home.  After work I ran to Brookhaven and picked up dinner for Dominica and I and brought it back home.   Dominica had the halibut special and said that it was the best thing ever from Brookhaven.  She was really impressed.  She wants to get it again if possible.  That will be tough with our schedule.

I used the new treadmill for the first time tonight, got a half hour workout in.  It is awesome being able to just do our normal television watching and get exercise at the same time.  I barely noticed that I had worked out.

Our adventure tonight was that as I went into my office in the evening I almost stepped on a tiny gecko on my office floor.  It is unusual for me to find lizards in the house.  It was hard work capturing it and getting it safely onto some paper so that we could carry it outside.  Took nearly an hour but we got him outside safely and he seemed no worse for wear.  Hopefully he grows big and eats lots of bugs in our yard.  It is a gecko haven out there.

We got the kids to bed at a good time tonight and were in bed at a decent hour ourselves.

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