September 12, 2013: Trivia Night in Addison

Thursday.  Today is AJ’s birthday but we celebrated last night.  His parents returned to New York early this morning so this is his first day “on his own” down here in Texas.  He went into the office instead of Dominica this morning which worked out really well so Dominica managed to stay home with the girls and we did not need Morgan to come to watch them.

This evening, not too long after I got home, AJ and I went down to Addison to join Watson who always goes out there for trivia night at the Lion and Crown Pub which sits right across the street from his apartment.  Addison has some amazing “real city” living.  I’m very jealous of the housing available there.  Get that city feeling while being just as far out as we are here.  It’s just such a nice location.  I miss city life.  Carrollton is nice but so suburban.  I really dislike having to drive for everything.

We got there at seven thirty, just in time for trivia night.  The three of us had a good time losing horribly.  The food and beer at the pub were excellent.  They tried to get AJ to try some beer but he just hates beer.  He only wants toasted almond cocktails which Dominica decided he would like – and he did.  Now he has one every night.

We were not out that late.  Probably no later than eleven, if even that late.

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