September 11, 2013: AJ’s First Bar Trip

Slept okay last night, I tried some of Dominica’s overnight cold and sinus medication and that worked, allowing me to breath with the CPAP and actually sleep.  Still have a rough cold this morning as do Dominica and Liesl.  Luciana, thus far, has escaped the infestation.

I found out last night that my local bar, Redneck Heaven, is the set for the latest MTV reality television show “Big Tips Texas“.  It’s being filmed with three waitresses that I know from the bar along with many that I don’t.  Everyone thinks that I will be in it as that is my local bar but it is being filmed at the flashy new Arlington location of the chain, not the old backwater of the original location in Lewisville.  The show is all fake, though, so it’s not really interesting in any way.

It is very weird, though, that in just one week I found out that my friend Dasha has just finished filming her first major motion picture role that is set to release next year, three girls I know from Lewisville are now on an MTV reality television show that is likely going to be huge and Dominica’s friend Amanda from college, that I also know, was just selected for the hottest new television game show and is on her way to NYC for filming!  How bizarre.  Of course, we don’t have television so will see none of it, but very strange that we know so many people suddenly heading to movies or television.  I live in the midst of famous people suddenly.

Got into the office at a good time this morning.  Got a lot of posting done too.  Extremely tired today.  Could barely sit at my desk much of the day.

Came home and Dominica and I watched a huge chunk of the seventh season of Rules of Engagement with the girls on the couch.  We are both still very much under the weather from these colds and need rest.  We basically did nothing all evening until pretty late when AJ got back to the house from church, probably around ten with Ciana having just gone to bed, when Dominica got into some hard core floor cleaning.

Liesl wanted to finish watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks tonight so we watched that starting from the big dance scene and going to the end including the famous soccer match scene that I loved so much in my childhood.  Then Liesl was off to bed.

Just after eleven I took AJ to his favourite restaurant, Applebee’s, so that he could grab a bite before the clock struck midnight and he turned twenty one and could order his first ever drink at a bar.  (Bar being a loose term as this was Applebees.)  He got a mudslide.  More of a milkshake than anything but officially, his first drink at a bar.

At twelve thirty, we went back to the house.  Have an early meeting to deal with at eight.

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