September 14, 2013: Long Day of Food Logistics

I slept in this morning, did not get up until nearly ten.  Did some work this morning but not too much.  Dominica wanted to take the girls to Rainforest Cafe in Grapevine again today so we tried to do that.  It was well after noon by the time that we managed to get out of the house.

We got to the mall and found that, not surprisingly, it was completely packed.  It would be a 20 minute wait to get a table.  Not too big of a deal since there is a store to hang out in and the girls like watching the animatronic alligator that hangs out at the front.  AJ had decided to come with us too.

We got seated and the girls got their Mac and Cheese that they like so much.  They both ate and wanted to walk around to look at the animals but the restaurant was so busy that we could not do that at all.  So that made them more restless and they really wanted to get moving.

Our meals ended up taking for forever.  It took about ten to fifteen minutes to manage to place our orders, we all ordered the same thing, and then thirty five minutes before the food came to our table.  When it did, it wasn’t correct.  It took several minutes to find our waitress again to have the kitchen attempt to correct it – which took another five minutes and they did incorrectly.  It was nearly an hour and the kids were bouncing off of the walls, almost literally, and we only had incorrect and now cold food to show for it.  I eventually ran up to the front since there was no one working in our area of the restaurant to help us and had a manager come back and cash us out so that we could leave.

Before leaving the mall we took the girls (and AJ) for a ride on the mall’s “train” that drives around the call.  It is pretty silly but the girls really enjoyed it.

We went to Mooyah to get veggie burgers instead which was much cheaper and much quicker.  Everyone enjoyed that and it was on the way back home so not a big deal to do at all.  By the time that we were back home it felt like we had been out all day trying to figure out how to get food.

Did a ton of work at the house this afternoon and evening.  Knocked out tickets, did posts, etc.  Very productive.

Around eleven AJ was hungry so we went to Redneck for a while.

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