September 22, 2013: Return to Dallas and WWZ

Got to sleep in quite a bit this morning.  I am the only one at the Grices’ house and knew that everyone was just sitting around watching the kids down the street so wasn’t in any hurry to get moving.  I took my time and got partially packed up before heading over.  I passed Bennie as he was pulling onto the street having just left the Toccos’ house.

We hung out for a few hours at the house while the girls all got picked up and taken home.  Then it was time to get on the road.  Lots to be done.

The drive up to Dallas wasn’t bad at all.  The rain stopped today and the sun was out.  Rumor is that the rain is returning next weekend.  Texas really needs it, the lakes are all very low.  Just too bad that it has to come all at once and cause flooding rather than getting it steady.  But we will take what we can get.

On the way home we ordered take away from Eat St. nearby so that we could just pick it up as we went by to make things quick and easy since we were all tired from yesterday and all of the driving and Luciana is not feeling all that well.  But when we stopped to pick it up, they had no record of our order.  It takes them easily an hour to make food there so we gave up and left.  We just went home and had subs delivered from Joe’s instead.

Once the girls were off to bed we rented World War Z which Dominica has been dying to see (for no reason that I can imagine.)  This falls into that category of movies that seem obvious that she will not like but someone tells her that she will like and she just has to see and then doesn’t like.  And it lived up to expectation.  It’s a not very well known, but decently big budget, Brad Pitt movie but it is a zombie / horror movie which she hates.  She does not handle horror very well or heavily intense movies and I don’t generally enjoy them even though they don’t bother me.  It’s got to be pretty amazing for me to want to watching something in that genre.

WWZ started off way too intense but did improve into a moderately decent, but poorly thought through, zombie (or to be completely accurate I am told, infection) flick.  There was some okay action and some interesting takes on a global zombieism outbreak scenario but, as with most movies of this genre, the suspension of disbelief part was a bit much and it was clear that there wasn’t as much thought put into the logic of the film as there should have been.

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